World Health Day

World Health Organisation

For World Health Day, we were asked to create and design a series of poster and visuals for the campaign against Depression.

World Health Day

Visual campaign for the international World Health Day Campaign

Given the complicated subject, we decided to focus the campaign on the trigger point: talking to someone about the issue. We designed a series of posters, with different people from different ages in different continents to represent a wide range of situations and circumstances where people suffer from depression. We focused though on adolescents, on mothers going thorugh depression post-partum, on the elderly, on the workers, and also in adults in general. Taking into account cultural and socioeconomic circumstances, we draw more than 40 posters for the campaign. We also dedigned a set of fliers, images for the handouts, banners and T-shirts.


For the launch of the campaign, we also created and developed an interactive platform where people can create and share messages from the campaign on social media and with their friends. The platform is also where all the activities that are going to take place for WHD are going to be posted and visualized on a map.

Posters' Collection

Different posters collection

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