Què respires quan respires

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The city of Barcelona is planning a big effort on cutting the polution in the city. Within their strategy to raise awareness among the citizenship, they asked us to create a digital communicaton piece that would spread the idea that this is a city with a high level of contamination and that we need to do somethng about it.

What you breathe when you breathe

We decided to create a piece, which is an interactive infographic, that explains what you breathe when you breathe. Following a storytelling strucuture, people can learn which are the molecules that are poluting our city, how bad is the situation, how polution is being generated and how it affects our health. On a simple scroll down navigation, people can discover facts, get stats and generate an emotional connection to what's happening. On the interactive, we included small interactions to make the experience more fun and engaging, and also make it more personal.


We also developed the graphic campaign, with ads on papers and other supports, as well as all the social and media campaign pieces.


We launched the piece with a big media campaign and the site got more thatn 25.000 visits just the first day, with an average time of more than 5 minutes. This is an ongoing campaign and more pieces are going to be generated to follow on the strategy of cutting down polution in Barcelona.

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