Myanmar Natural Capital


We developed this website for WWF US and WWF Myanmar to display and map the natural capital of Myanmar, the importance of consreving biodiversity in the country and explain the effects of climate change.

A mapping and data visualization project on the Natural Capital of Myanmar

The challenge was creating a visual way to explain and map the ecosystem services of the country. We used a map storytelling tool developed by OneBigRobot that allows us to build stories on maps. We worked with the Columbia University and the Stanford University, who provided the base maps. We converted these maps to show them on a map and generate the story along it.


We also created an interactive infographic, using a mix of photo montage and illustration, that faithfully portrays one of the regions most affected by climate change and deforestation.

Nasa satellite image over Myanmar's deltas

Ecosystem services

Overlays on a map

Example of overlays on a map in the Ecosystem services' section.

Visualization of precipitation projections - Climate Change section

Interactive Infography for the Thanintyari Region

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