My green energy planet


Learning about new energy models is easy and fun with this educational game developed for WWF. In order to teach younger generations the positive impact of swapping dirty energy ressources for clean energy technologies , we created this RPG in which we act on our planet by making social,economic and environmental actions that benefit our planet.

Educational game developed for WWF to generate awareness and promote the knowledge regarding green energies

The goal is to manage "ecobonos" through the buying and selling of energy and progressively replacing dirty energy with clean energy. A dashboard shows pollution levels and population satisfaction according to the actions we perform. The players can also share their records with their friends on social networks.


In addition to the actions we take, the game is affected by weather conditions such as rain, snow or pollution. The player must also react to alerts related to the weather or to the malfunctioning of any element on the game.


Players can also access the market to buy or sell energy. The prices on the market vary according to the average transactions of all the users in the game. They can also access statistics on production and consumption of energy.


The game becomes an encyclopedia on renewable energies, with more than 500 explanations on ressources and its impacts. 

Canvas of an optimal result in the game where clean energies have basically susbtituted dirty energies in our planet

First screen of the game. Polluted environment, low population satisfaction level and a chance to make this world a better place.

A close-up on another part of the canvas, with a rainy and polluted environment and a nuclear plant that should be dismantled...

There are more than 240 actions to take in order to improve your planet. Each action requires ressources that you have to handle the best you can to get better marks.

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