Global Mangrove Alliance


WWF commissioned us the project of building a platform for the Global Mangrove Alliance. This group assembles some of the leading environmental conservation organizations around the conservation of mangroves. The idea was to create a Knowledge Hub that would be the point of contact for all the scientists and practitioners working on the conservation of the Mangrove’s ecosystem.

Infographics and Interactives

2.5D graphics

We decided to build a site that would have the visual identity that identifies most of the Robot’s projects. We used infographics and interactives to explain the situation of Mangroves in a very intuitive way. We described the main goals of the Alliance in a series of 2.5D graphics and the benefits and threats for Mangroves in a horizontally scrolled infographic interactive.

Infographics and Interactives

Benefits & Threats


Map tool

Identify the projects

We also built a map tool to identify and narrate all the projects that are being developed by the members of the GMA. This storytelling tool allows to have a full overview of the conservation work done all over the world. There is a also a Resource library and a private data portal for members of the Alliance.

On-going project

This is an on-going project and new features are being developed for the project. At this point, we are creating a new section for case studies that will have a deeper level of development.

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