Madre de Dios


Experience the life and sounds from the Peruvian Amazon. We recreated the interior of the jungles of Madre de Dios to illustrate a study done by WWF where they recorded the sounds and images of many species living in the area. Through a five different canvas of five different habitats, people can discover information on each species, footage of the camera traps and audio recordings. It's as close as it gets to actually being in the Amazon jungle....

Roof of the jungle

From the roof of the jungle, birds and monkeys have an amazing view of the canopy.

Middle of the trees

In the middle of the trees, wildlife is abundant and the sounds amplify the experience

In the jungle

WWF's camera traps revealed the presence of 37 different mammals in certified concessions, including jaguars, pumas, jaguarundis, red brocket deers, tapirs and even bush dogs, which are elusive and difficult to find.

In the water

Healthy forests are the foundation for a healthy ecosystem with clean water, and a viable wildlife habitat.

The jungle at night

Predators like ocelots and pumas become active around twilight and they hunt at night because they have good vision in the dark.

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