The Global Map of Environmental & Social Risk in Agro-commodity Production (GMAP) enables users to conduct rapid environmental and social due diligence associated with trade and short-term finance, and to make responsible and strategic sourcing, financing, and risk management decisions. The tool allows access to detailed risk analysis reports and risk management guidance.

Global Map of Environmental & Social Risk in Agro-commodity Production

We developed this tool for WWF and the IFC (part of the World Bank). The idea behind it was to generate a visual tool, using data viz, rathen than buliding an intranet software. There are two main funcions in the tool:


- the access to hundreds of reports for combinations of country/commodity. This access is made through a visual map that is used like a visual browsing tool. The user can access the main scores for the report, download it and also make comparisons among reports by using the comparative chart.


- a mapping tool where the user can access information on some layers that may be interesting to make their assessments, like ecoregions and freshwater access. The mapping tool is built so that a user can view in parallel both informations: supply risks and the additional layer.


This tool is being continously developed and will be soon open to companies, on a fee basis.  

General view for one country, with the indicators for each commodity

Comparative chart tool. The user can choose among all the reports to see a comparison among the common indicators.

Mapping tool. View in parallel of ecoregions and the countries that are high or low risk for that particular commodity

View in the mapping tool of the ecoregions and the indicators for one commodity in one particular country

Freshwater regions for Brazil in the mapping tool

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