Fast & Furious 6 Challenge

Universal Pictures

After the success of the first challenge, we tried to come up with a new version that was even more spectacular and better for the fans of the movie and the game. We decided to develop the game in real time and in html5 & javascript so you can play both on desktop and tablet.

International game for the release of Fast & Furious 6

The game allows you to play on any road of the world over a real map powered by OpenStreetMap. You can create your own circuit or compete on one of the 5 official circuits. In these circuits you must drive faster than the police car that tries to chase you.


You can play in real-time with your Facebook friends. If you’re logged in with Facebook, you can challenge any of your friends that is also connected and run on any circuit of the world.


We created a Garage which allows you to get a faster car if you share some content from the movie on Facebook or Twitter.


One cool thing is that there is a day time version and night time version that launches automatically once it is dark ?


After the success of the first edition, with more than one million players from 150 different countries, Universal Pictures International decided to do the game for the global market and launch it in 9 different languages.

A ghost police car follows you on the official circuits. The speed of this car is the average speed of the previous players.

Check the scoreboard before starting the race or choose any of your online Facebook friends to challenge them to this circuit.

Create your own track by dragging and droping two markers on a map.

The game switches to night time automatically.