Expo Games - Water

Obra Social 'La Caixa'

For the Foundation of La Caixa, we were asked to develop a support to their museum exposition about Water management in cities. The idea was to develop a game that could educate people about a sustainable way to manage water in the cities.

Online and Museum Games - A water management experience

We decided to do that through an online game that is like a SIMS game, where the player has to organize and manage the water ressources as a city gets bigger and bigger. The city grows though 12 neighborhoods and phases and the player has to solve different issues in the sourcing or distribution processess, while being sustainable and supplying enough water to the population. This online game has a hidden neighbourhood that gets unlocked if people go to the exhibition. 


For the expo, we created four games for the four processes in water management: sourcing, making water drinkable, distribution and purifying. Each game was developed for a tactile interface and the player could learn through simple interactions the tasks involved in each process. 

Game screenshots

Different game's screenshots

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