Earth Hour


We have developed the web platform for this social movement to create awareness regarding Climate Change for four years now. 

Website for Earth Hour for WWF

We developed a visualization where people could light a star by switching off their lights. Playing with the metaphor that the darker the earth, the brighter the skies, we asked people to turn the Earth to black so the stars could shine. Each person was given a real star with a name and they could share it on Social Media. More than 35.000 people got their star.

Each year, the platform is basically divided in three main parts:

- give the people the chance to virtually take part in Eath Hour by switching off a virtual light

- getting institutions, companies and schools to celebrate Earth Hour

- inform of all the activities taking place so people can actually celebrate Earth Hour in their cities with their communities.

We focused on having a communication platform that could display all the events around Earth Hour. We also mde it a priority to have a site that could be browsed in desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

The web is a responsive site developed in html5. The content displayed is adapted to any sreen format for optimal browsing.

We also prioratized the signing up of companies and cities to the event and we developed a very interesting section for kids, where they could download different games and content to celebrate Earth Hour.


Each light that you turn off, gives light to a star

Thousands of people from around the world helped us light the sky

Layout for the 2013 Earth Hour webpage