Digital campaigns for the city of Barcelona

Ajuntament de Barcelona

We are lucky to have a long-term relationship with the City Hall of Barcelona, where we develop different campaigns on many of the most important issues that the city faces.

We have worked on projects about air pollution, green mobility, LGBTQ rights, or housing issues.

For each campaign, we built an interactive infographic that combined visual communication, infographies, gamification and storytelling. Sometimes we used data visualization and map tools to show what the city is doing in subjects like solar energy or mobility. Since the target for these campaigns are the citizens of the city, we needed to be very careful on the depiction and accurateness of what we tell and show, so a special care is put into representing all kinds of people with all walks of life. The values of our city need to be reflected in all the works we do, and we try to convey values like solidarity, openness, tolerance, sustainability and women empowerment in everything we do. We also make sure the content is accessible for people with viewing disabilities. 

Multiple campaigns

Visual communication, infographies, gamification and storytelling