This interactive infographic goes through the main concepts of the bioeconomy and the circular economy to explore the needs of expanding bioplastic's production. The layout puts the Circular Economy at the center and then goes on to explain the different concepts that evolve around Bioplastics. 

The Bioeconomy, an interactive infography on Susteinability and the Circular Economy

For each subject, we designed a specific infographic, in a photo collage, that explains the concept almost by itself. We included messages within the infographics that people can share through Twitter. For a deeper comprehension, people can access a second screen with information and some references that support the science behind the concept.


The layout for the site is a big canvas where users can move around by following the arrows that connect the concepts or they can scroll around and have a free navigation.


The look & feel for the site was determined by the will to connect people to nature, to earth and how something like plastic can actually be produced from feedstocks and benefit the development of a sustainable economy.

Responsible sourcing in Bioplastics

Land Use


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