Augmented reality

Through the looking glass


We created a dedicated Augmented Reality Studio that produces stories and games in AR for scientific and social issues.

We work with foundations, humanitarian organizations and editorial rooms to create immersive experiences that will transform the way we communicate through emotional physicality. 


We explore new ways of visual interactive storytelling for educational purposes, scientific challenges and social impact.

On a second phase, we developed a map experience for this app. We decided to take advantage of the maps we generated for the website and show them in a virtual way. We also developed the possibility of printing the map and generating the map by image recognition, which is something that was used for Water conferences around the world.

One screen of the app shows a virtual map of dams in the world and a big leopard to illustrate the story. Markers on the map deliver different messages.
Another screen has a real-life size hippo and a virtual map of protected areas.
We also created a real-life size indigenous woman to explore the water risk around the world.

Our Vision

Purpose & future

We believe in AR as a new way of achieving the same goals we’ve always had as OneBigRobot: creating new ways of digital communication for social good. We want to explore the possibilities of this technology to tell new stories for educational pieces, for social change, for science progress, for youth empowerment, for women’s causes. 


We aim to discover new ways of mixing gamification and storytelling through Augmented Reality so that the experiences become more personal, more subjective, more impactful. We want to look into the future knowing that innovation in digital creativity and storytelling will be the key to changing behaviors, generating action, educating children and empowering change.

AR Projects

Purpose & future